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The Virgin Programmer vs The Chad Coder

Name: Anonymous 2017-08-08 9:06

Latest chan meme applied to /prog/

Virgin Programmer:
Has the latest macbook loaded with latest compilers
Codes in modern functional style
Code is visually pleasing, fully indented
All variables and functions are descriptively named
Comments are filled with explanations and relevant information
Produces portable, safe code that is debugged, linted, statically analyzed and theorem proved ad nauseum
Code almost never crashes
Every bug report is answered with patches and profuse apologizing

The Chad Coder:
Codes in direct, brutal imperative style
Thinks recursion is a meme
Doesn't indent anything
All variables are one letter, functions are random verbs with numbers
Code crashes several times per hour
Never changed his computer
Produces code that "works on my machine"
Debugging consists of console messages peppered randomly through code
Comments consist of curses and threats to other programmers and software
When someone posts a bug report, laughs at it, marks it wontfix or claims you're using his software wrong

Name: Anonymous 2017-09-12 11:40

No it's not, dumbfuck.
It's a fallacy.

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